Sunday, February 5, 2012

Take Me In

Take Me In

Warm, inviting, hospitably nurturing aura,
to what do I owe such magnificent plethora?

Energy which resonates beyond the depth of facing mirrors,
soft, tender, kisses helplessly surfed in sheer wonderment,
as the concrete progressively disappears and
essence is all which is clear.

Longing for the trigger that will entrap us both
into the core of this ever so ascending high of pure ecstasy.

To the alluring scent we surrender all consent,
but when you attempt to control it,
on the exhale it is all sent.

Thus, embellish time with mere natural aromas,
that inevitably lifts into the air as you
realmente te enamoras.

Eyes completely locked,
like torpedoes to a critical target,
rip far deep into the soul,
in search for the impetus of such grandiosity.

Analogous to the humble helpless look often conveyed,
seconds prior to being taken,
completely obliterated by a natural disaster.

When you drink each other in,
with your eyes, one final solemn time.

And for a very long second you can hear each other think,

My love, are you taking all this in?

responding with nothing more than a subtle grin.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

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