Thursday, August 8, 2013

Boundless Sigh

        When we increasingly yet smoothly pull in through the nostrils and passively submit to its hypnotic tender occupancy as it seductively metastasize to every available space within, as the abdomen relaxes into a swell allowing greater than normal measures of this magnificent, vibrant, intoxicating, and unfathomable essence into every fiber of the complex Self, a light illuminates.

        The inevitable release which follows, we intentionally attempt to prolong by negating its natural end for an imaginative moment where the navel implodes into a gentle kiss to the lower spine, in order to buy time for the might of its currents to flush away all we once read as tense. After this happens, resolution sharpens.

        This immensely brief moment creates a fresh start, a blank slate, ready for just us or ready for us to allow someone else to influence our next moment of control over this phenomenon which habitually occurs involuntarily and subconsciously.

        Other forces will inevitably persist to distract and redirect us until we are ready to see that between the inhale and the exhale resides our chance to reset, regroup, and rediscover our path to much light, resolve, serenity, and love. Until we learn to embrace the lengthening of this moment and unceasingly exist as our higher-self. Until we emancipate our minds with the awareness, knowledge, and recognition that it is the “I” whom always strikes the final brush on the canvas to this master piece that is our life.