Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From The Corporate Wall of Silence to A Glass Door of Psychological Mindedness

From The Corporate Wall of Silence to
A Glass Door of Psychological Mindedness

August 2012


        As a collective, we own the social responsibility to provide support to individuals that have, for so long, been psychologically, emotionally, and physically bullied into a corner of toxic conformity. To heal and set free individuals coerced into vile complacency, whom eventually themselves become dangerously anesthetized toward immoral and unethical practices.

        By ignoring this social responsibility we, ourselves, become an accessory to social crimes committed. We help people get away with breaking the law. We assist people in violating our human rights. We help breed human time-bombs that explode into psychotic melt downs, homicides, and or suicides, when overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

        If we are lucky, the media will uncover and share with the public the truths about the events that lead to such tragedies. Such news may momentarily rattle some minds and souls to wake to the reality of this relentlessly vicious pandemic. Concern may strike dialog in homes around the world about how things ought to be; a delicate period I like to think of as the birth for change.

        Unfortunately, after a bit of hype ignited by brief brainstorm sessions of what everyone else should do to ameliorate the problem, the fire hisses into smoke and idea-ash as it all becomes extinguished by premises people are conditioned to mantra which keeps many walking around with their tail between their legs, (“What can you do, eh?”, “You can’t move mountains!”, “If I had the money I would…”, “If I had the power I would…”, …).  Great ideas are rapidly eradicated by the harsh reality that when you advocate for positive change, you are guaranteed to meet the monstrous wrath of retaliation programmed specifically to defile your reputation and impair your ability to provide for yourself and your love ones.

         One of the greatest social injustices we have to endure is the existence of an uneven playing field in our legal system. Such imbalance is possible because people that hide behind large corporations attain their might by congregating and organizing with people hiding behind other large corporations in order to fuse ideas together about how best to enhance their influence over politicians, law makers, law enforcers, and eventually the public, with their immense wealth, powerful lobbying campaigns, public relation propaganda, and intimidation.

        Their social tactics have proven to be significantly effective in making a selected few invincible against legal prosecution, others complacent towards immoral and unethical conduct, and everyone an accessory to crimes against social justice, for merely doing nothing to help amend the problem.

        Similar to the people that hide behind large corporations, the greater part of the population should congregate and organize in order to fuse ideas together about how best to enhance their own influence over politicians, law makers, law enforcers, and the public.

        Divided, people do not have much money to influence but together people control a great deal of money which the world economy, large corporations, and the people that hide behind the large corporations heavily depend on in order to remain viable. Alone, complaints get lost in a pile of paperwork but together people control millions of votes that politicians and lawmakers are known to jump through fire dripping hoops to attain. Alone, one cannot be heard but together people vibe a majestic symphony of harmonic sounds that is coherent and universally fathomed.

        People in powerful positions are less likely to commit crimes against humanity and nature if they knew that colleagues and subordinates were empowered to be reasonably skeptical, openly voice their concerns, and that conscientious colleagues and subordinates genuinely have the full, unbiased, protection of the law against any form of retaliation when exercising said rights.

        I maintain a vision of a world where people in powerful roles everywhere genuinely respect the voice of conscientious colleagues and subordinates. Where their ideas and concerns are truly welcomed, honored, and protected by the law, against any form of retaliation. I envision a world where humans facilitate leaders that harbor and exhibit psychological mindedness.  

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