Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Is There a Prescription for Advocacy?

        So I announce, solely to administrators, teachers, and staff (not parents or students) that I will be going on a hunger strike starting the first day of mid-winter recess, in order to bring awareness to the rampant abuse of power which no one seems to want to address.

        Notice how this results in a medical referral by the Principal to the Department of Education’s Human Resource Medical Office. In order to give weight to her reasoning for a medical referral the Principal also references my letters of advocacy, calling them “inappropriate” and “with strange titles”.
        Below I include Administration’s reasoning for the medical referral and my letters of advocacy titled, The Elephants In Our Rooms, and Speaking Without Words. All the other titles the Principal cited in her referral, (A Great Feeder, The Attention Span of a Squirrel, and Baseline of Disregard), are already posted here with their respected content.

        For this I was pulled out of class and the students were given a memo to give to their parents which says that my writing “has raised some concerns as to the safety of the school".

You be the judge.

I wish you all a healthy, loving, reflective, 
and abundant New Year for 2015.


Luis Angel Perez

Seeking a Prescription for Advocacy