Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reserved Embrace

Reserved Embrace

I burn some candles,
blaze more incense,
& hope that in an instant
I can turn your clock
to spare the shock
of what you’ll now
live missing.

Here we are, so loud,
while a mere fraction of a second from now
silence & doubt prevails.

We know not what it holds
& at times fear when told
of the place that all with life
must inevitably go, less strife.

He has lived His last pain.
Pure soul is His gain.

Earth, water, wind, fire.
Your Son has been hired
to brighten our heaven
for a purpose much higher.

So lets praise His retire,
vocalizing Lord Hymns,
recognizing He is with you
every breath you take in.

Recognizing that you’ll meet Him
at the approach of your -