Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dear Susan Cain,

Dear Susan Cain,

        Your insight and advocacy for the people that are naturally quiet and very reflective provides an essential cleansing to our human culture; a much needed cleansing from the many misconceptions, negative-social stigmas, discrimination, and oppression which even very intelligent professionals, for so long, have inadvertently imposed upon the beautiful quiet cerebral souls.

        Your insight and advocacy are immensely empowering, medicinal to the self-esteem, and breathtakingly liberating, especially for a people whom have been continuously hammered into believing that their way is a form of pathology.

        Thank you immensely for modeling the embrace of your silence, reaching into the depths of your brilliant core, and mustering the currents necessary to create this monumental paradigm shift.   


Luis Angel Perez, Science & Mathematics Educator