Sunday, February 22, 2015

School to Family Pipeline

        The current business model used to run our schools plays a significant role in grooming children for life into the bitter cold and human crushing penal system. A “…more conscious and effective way to address the incarceration” of our youth is to completely mend the dysfunctional disconnect between (A) affluent Board Members, (appointed by our government to the Board/Department of Education), (B) Government Officials, and (C) the people which they all once took an oath to serve in good faith; Children (and those closest to the children).

        In part, credence for such dysfunctional disconnect is owed to the numbing conditioning that stems from constantly thinking, discussing, and referring to students, teachers, and parents in terms of mere numbers on an lifeless spreadsheet or graph.

        In order for us to appeal to the humanity of our very wealthy brothers and sisters appointed to The Board/Department of Education, (to influence, from a very far distance, the lives of our children, families and futures, with their policies, procedures, and business models), it is crucial that we, (teachers, students, and parents), as a collective, candidly write and openly share, complete and genuine accounts of incidents that transpire in schools including the “professional” steps taken by leaders, that work directly below our board members, to address such incidents. I am willing to collect and archive such incident reports and I am very grateful to those whom have already made submissions, (my email is listed below).

        It is imperative that we strive to make it “real” for our well-off brothers and sisters that sit on The Board/Department of Education so that they can clearly see and maybe even feel a modicum of concern for how their own business model, archaic policies and procedures, actions &/or inactions, resistance against advocacy and perception toward our public school children all propagate the destruction of quality education and the destruction of the human condition.   

        We need to provide warm bodies, not to profitable prison corporations, but to these mundane, inanimate numbers we tend to confuse with real live, breathing and feeling brothers and sisters. We need to do this in order to remind our beautiful fellow humans that they bleed like us, hurt like us, and at the end of this journey of borrowed time, will depart like us.  

        In order to further facilitate an effective “plug-in” to these foreign yet powerful portions of the school system we need - (1) to have fair, genuine, and productive open discussions about the “unspoken factors” that directly inhibit student learning, effective teaching, and safety in our schools, (2) to have strong and enforceable laws that genuinely protect well intended advocates from persecution, (3) to have strong and enforceable laws that effectively train and justly hold leaders (on all levels) legally accountable for abusing their power to violate others’ basic constitutional rights, for coercing others into toxic conformity, and for engaging in other immoral and unethical business practices, & most importantly, (4) to have our government leaders become crystal clear and loudly hear the well documented echoes of our frustrated yet resilient voices and vigorous resolve collectively chanting, “NO MAS! WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! OUR CHILDREN DESERVE BETTER! THE EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY DESERVES BETTER! ”   

        Right now we have a school system where good hearted and well educated humans cannot even speak their minds and/or advocate for the rights of others without being persecuted by abusive leaders. This is a systemic disease that can and will be cured.

        If we all focus our attention on mending the existing dysfunctional disconnect between higher administrators and those closest to the students and students themselves, we are bound to make great strides in paving the way to a safer, healthier, more nurturing and productive academic environment.   

        If we all focus our energy on improving this aspect of the problem we can facilitate a monumental shift in paradigm that will be historical for our Government, The Public Schools System and the Human Condition; namely, a paradigm shift which navigates far away from an academic culture that closely resembles our broken penal system where people are caged and forgotten about and much closer to an academic culture that resembles empathy, family, advocacy, and respect for everyone’s natural disposition to want to be free, loved, and thrive in everything that they do. We owe this to all children!

        The world is divided into those who see that there is a problem and those who deny that there is a problem. Many of the people that deny that there is a problem are the older folks in the profession who would have to admit that they have used bogus evidence to obtain convictions. And that is a hard thing to admit.” (John J. Lentini, Scientific Fire Analyst, National Geographic). 

        If the people currently in power are not willing to change because they cannot get passed the idea of having to admit that they have "dropped the ball" for so long, we should at least leave behind, for future generations, a life-jacket in order to stay afloat the mess we irresponsibly and consciously decided to leave for them and which they can utilize to swim to shore and save our future in The Department of Education. We should leave them an archive of information that genuinely reveals what is truly happening in the school system, how complaints of abuse are actually handled, and where the problems really lie - in the dysfunctional disconnect between critical players which breeds an administrative culture invincible to accountability, which condones and facilitates a culture allowed to engage in immoral and unethical business practices including creating and enforcing laws, policies and procedures that directly abridge human’s basic constitutional rights.

        Like I mentioned above, I am willing to collect and maintain a library of people’s account of incidents that occur in schools. To candidly write and openly share, complete and genuine accounts of incidents that transpire in schools, including the “professional” steps taken by our leaders to address such incidents, please write the reports and send to my email address listed below. Individual identities will be kept completely confidential from my end. If some still fear retribution for sharing these reports, they can email me the reports from a less identifiable email address.

                Thank you immensely for your time and energy in this very important matter and for all that you do to make this world a better place. Best to everyone always!


Luis Angel Perez,
Middle School Science & Mathematics,
First Grade, Fourth Grade Educator & Advocate