Friday, July 1, 2016

Controlled Scientific Experiment for Critical Culture Change

Controlled Scientific Experiment for Critical Culture Change

By Luis Angel Perez
Science & Mathematics Educator & Advocate

A controlled experiment is a procedure that contains two important traits:

     (1) it tests one thing, (or factor), at a time &

     (2) it contains two groups: an Experimental Group & a Control Group.

        In a controlled experiment, it is customary to administer, (or not administer), the Experimental Treatment being tested to these two different groups - at the same time, in order to control for “history”, (keeping “time” as a constant), and avoid this from possibly confounding your results.

        The following experimental design is unique in the sense that, (A) the Experimental Group & the Control Group are one in the same, and thus, (B) providing the Experimental Treatment and not providing the Experimental Treatment will not be occurring simultaneously but instead in two different time periods.

        In other word, the sample group used in this experiment is initially treated like a Control Group, (deprived of the Experimental Treatment), for many years after which the same sample group will be treated like an Experimental Group, (this time receiving the Experimental Treatment), for many years. Such design is commonly recognized as an Interrupted Time-Series Design.

(1) The Experimental Group

         * is the group that receives the Experimental Treatment being tested in the
            study, (also known as the Independent Variable, IV).

                - The Independent Variable, (IV) or Experimental Treatment

                      * is the single thing, (or factor), that scientists change
                         in an experiment.

                             * In this particular controlled experiment, the Experimental 
                                Treatment, (or the Independent Variable), 
                                is a powerful force I refer to as TATO.

                                    * TATO is a powerful healing force created when 
                                       the elements of Transparency, Accountability, 
                                       meaningful Training, & 
                                       unbiased Oversight are combined.

                - The Dependent Variables, (DV)

                      * are the things, (or factors), in an experiment that may change
                         in response to administering the Experimental Treatment,
                         (or Independent Variable).
                         They are called the “Dependent” Variables because
                         the changes observed here “Depend” on the implementation
                         of the Experimental Treatment.

                      * Scientists usually analyze the changes to the Dependent Variables
                         in order to understand how the Experimental Treatment,
                         (the Independent Variable), affects the system
                         which they are studying.

                             * In this particular controlled experiment,
                                the system that we are studying is 
                                the Department of Education.

(2) The Control Group

         * is the group that does not receive the Experimental Treatment,
            (does not receive the Independent Variable), being tested in the study,

         * and so, the changes in the Control Group, (which does not receive the
            Experimental Treatment), is used as a standard to compare against
            the changes in the Experimental Group, (which does receive
            the Experimental Treatment). 

                * In this particular controlled experiment,
                   the Control Group did not receive the Experimental Treatment TATO
                   for many years.

                * Consequently, we already have many years worth of valuable data
                   from our Control Group.

        It is now critical for us to end the Control Group and focus our time and attention on the Experimental Group; on implementing the Experimental Treatment TATO, (the Independent Variable), in order to begin gathering years of data that we can then use to compare with the years of data already gathered from our Control Group.

My Hypothesis:

        I believe that the results of this experiment will show a significant negative correlation between the Control Group and the Experimental Group within this system.

        Essentially, as the Experimental Treatment TATO is increased, Corruption & Abuse of Power in the Department of Education will significantly decrease, directly resulting in a much favorable culture change for all children, parents, and educators.

Thank you.

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