Friday, September 23, 2016

Google & Yahoo!


“Yes we are very interested in power and publishing the truth about power
so people can work out however they choose to reform power.

And so, Google is a kind of new power on the block,
so we are interested in it,
and we’re also interested in Hillary Clinton
when she was Secretary of State, and now, I mean, the Presidential Candidate.

So, these two powers have merged at a kind of personal level
and political level, and even, to a small extent, at the organizational level.

So, that book, written three years ago, has proved to be very prescient.

The Chairman of Google, who was the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt,
has started, about a year ago, a company to run Hillary Clinton’s digital campaign.

Google has attended The White House an average, over the last four years,
once per week – more than any other single company.

It spends more money lobbying Washington D.C. than any other single company.
Hillary Clinton’s former staffer, Jared Cohen,
was hired by Google in 2009
to head-up Google’s internal think-tank.

There’s a lot of other interconnections between Google and the State.

Eric Schmidt is now also, at the same time
as being Chairman of what is now Google’s parent company, ALPHABET,
is Chairman of The Pentagon Innovation Board.

So, you have a connection between
Goggle, The Clinton Campaign,
which will be almost certainly the next White House,
and The Pentagon.

And this triangle is extremely worrying because
as time goes by
Google is understanding that
it does have an ability to influence election campaigns.

It’s also bought more than 10 drone companies.
It’s integrating its mapping data in order to
better be able to fly and navigate drones around the world.

Is expanding into every country in the world.

And it has a very strange quasi-religious vision of the future;
of this vision of the singularity.
It’s really a – I’ve done research that it’s very disturbing,
what they believe in silicon valley,
that they believe that they can create a massive artificial intelligence,
more powerful than any human being or any society’s ability to think.

And of course, we all know what happens when such power
is in limited hands.

And so,
Google in The White House will be essentially unregulateable
but you can – you can just completely forget about any kind of
anti-trust legislation being used on Google
if there is a Hillary Clinton White House.”

“… Eric Schmidt wrote in his book about Google and The World
that what Lockheed Martin and other Aerospace Companies were to the 20th Century,
High-tech Companies will be to the 21st Century.

And that is very much their vision;
to integrate with Washington, to prevent anti-trust regulation,
and to be part of that family of traditional D.C. mediated power.”

Julian Assange, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of
Wikileaks & Author of the book,
When Google Met Wikileaks

- Democracy Now! August 08, 2016


“Yahoo confirms that
a massive security breach impacted
500 million users,
and said it believes
“A State Sponsored Actor” is behind the hack
that took place in 2014.”

- MSNBC NEWS, September 23, 2016

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