Friday, March 20, 2015

Leaders Can Learn A Great Deal From Students

Leaders Can Learn a Great Deal From Students

        Children pick up on a lot more than you may think. Our brilliant young souls here are expressing to the world that they find themselves stuck “between a hard place and a rock”.

        When school administrators are blatantly not held accountable for abuse of power but instead supported by their superiors, (and other leaders), to maliciously lie, cheat, and flagrantly infringe upon the Constitutional & Human Rights of others, such dynamic fosters an incredibly powerful paralyzing fear of persecution which oppresses teachers, parents, and students from advocating against abuse of power, coerces them into toxic conformity, forces them to become accessories to social crimes committed, and ultimately promotes a non-stimulating, uninviting, unhealthy and unsafe learning environment for all learners.

          This is what we are truly teaching our learners and future leaders. This is why "I Trust Teachers More Than I Trust Cuomo!" is objected with the premise "But That's Not Saying Much!" Teachers are muzzled, bounded and controlled with paralyzing fear of persecution and have no where to turn for genuine support.     

         However, there is a practical and permanent solution. We desperately need to have in place respected laws and a rigorous, barrier-less enforcement of such respected laws (by our political and judicial leaders), that will unequivocally hold government leaders legally accountable for abusing, condoning, and ignoring abuse of power commonly used to maliciously lie, cheat, and flagrantly infringe upon the Constitutional & Human Rights of teachers, parents, and students within the entire Department of Education.

        Any plan of corrective action void of this particular need will be a mere cheap and temporary band-aid, bound to rapidly fall-off this massive and excessively bleeding wound the very moment there is a change in administration and/or the very moment our politicians and judicial leaders once again choose to ignore the rampant abuse of power within the Department of Education (aka Board of Education).

       As history clearly demonstrates, this is not just going to be handed to us from the kindness of our leader’s hearts. We must stand together and work diligently to notify all of our public officials and judicial leaders that we stand united, that this is not okay, and that we demand better and permanent action for resolve. We must stand together and fight for these rights.

        Thank you immensely for your dedication to this very important matter. Best to all always.


Luis Angel Perez,
Middle School Science & Mathematics,
First Grade, Fourth Grade Educator & Advocate