Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Please remember that our working conditions are the children's learning conditions."


Special Thanks To
Jill Gotman, Lydia Horelka,
Christina Vickers, Michelle Baptiste, & Allison Canelli
for Expressing These Words to
The Department of Education Chancellor &
The Panel for Educational Policy

Dear Jill Gotman,

        Thank you immensely for speaking-up against bullying by "leaders" in our schools and also for helping to shed light on the resistance and control projected over openly discussing the abuse of power that is rampant in the Department of Education.

        I am sorry that the Department of Education Panel for Educational Policy actually cut the microphone off on you, did not allow you to finish voicing your complaint and escorted you outside of the room for merely speaking-up about something you cannot find genuine and fair support for anywhere else and something they apparently struggle to address and find easier to ignore. Additionally, I am sorry for all else you had to endure in your noble quest to facilitate learning for our future minds.

        Please continue your journey to educate policy makers, government officials and the Public about the raw truth of what is really going on in our schools. I am, along many others, very interested in hearing the details of your plight with abuse of power by “leaders” and their “superiors”. Feel free to email me at and visit my blogs at and (under the word Knowledge).

        I trust that all of our incessant efforts will soon bring together the beautiful souls of many thinkers, lawmakers, law enforcers, educators, parents, children, and leaders from all directions in order to bring forth permanent healing and just changes to our schools and the Department of Education (aka Board of Education).


Luis Angel Perez,
Middle School Science & Mathematics,
First Grade & Fourth Grade Teacher & Advocate

"When they spoke-up, they were targeted and discontinued."

"When you target educators who advocate for students, communities, and colleagues, you hurt children."

                                                      - Lydia Horelka, Educator & Advocate

"I was actually taken aback when a fellow teacher just now was removed from the room, so I'm glad that I did away with the speech that I had written because I also had a story that was similar to hers."

"And all we're asking is for you guys to just pay attention to what is happening within your own department."

" please look into what is happening to teachers."

                                                       - Christina Vickers, Educator & Advocate

"It's a fundamental and profound disdain, disregard and disrespect of teachers teaching and those who they teach."

"Please remember that our working conditions are the children's learning conditions."

                                                       - Michelle Baptiste, Educator & Advocate

"I'm not going to get into specifics of my story because nobody wants to hear that, it seems..."

"If we are cut-off from the opportunity to speak-up, just because we are not tenured, it's affecting the students more than anything else."

                                                       - Allison Canelli, Educator & Advocate

           Thank you all for your time and energy in this very significant matter.