Thursday, January 12, 2017

What Kind of Opportunities Does Such Instability Breed 4 Others?

What Kind of Opportunities
Does Such Instability 
Breed 4 Others?

Luis Ángel Pérez
Thursday, January 12, 2017

Emanuel averts witness stand as city settles suit by whistleblower cops,
Jason Meisner, Chicago Tribune, May 31, 2016

Code of Silence: Operation Smoke and Mirrors,
Jamie Kalven, The Intercept, October 06, 2016

Blame 2 Derange Etiology & Prognosis Hoping Nobody Notices,
Luis Ángel Pérez, January 3, 2017

Prison Labor = Free Labor =
Exploitation = Modern Slavery

ALEC + Government + CCA =
Mass Incarceration + Mass Wealth 4 Some + End of Civilization

The 13th Amendment To
The Constitution of the United States
 The Exploited Loophole to Legalize Slavery

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,
except as a punishment for crime
whereof the party shall have been duly convicted,
shall exist within the United States, …”

The Thirteenth Amendment, (XIII),
To The Constitution of the United States of America

“95% of the elected prosecutors
throughout the United States
are white.”

Ken Thompson, District Attorney, Brooklyn, New York

“United States is home to 5% of the population
but 25% of the world’s prisoners.
Think about that.”

President of The United States Barack Obama

“American Legislative Exchange Council, (ALEC)”

“Private Club of Politicians & Corporations”

“Roughly 1 in 4 state legislators are members”

“A political lobbying group”

“They write laws and give them to republicans”

“Around for nearly 4 decades now”

“Corporations have been influencing laws now
for decades through ALEC.”

– “… written by ALEC …” –

“Stand Your Ground Law”
 “Senate Bill No. XXX”
“Electricity Freedom Act”
“3 Strikes & Your Out Law”
“Mandatory Sentencing”

“Today, the American Bail Association is still part of ALEC”

“Correctional Corporation of America, (CCA), Georgia.”

“The Correctional Facilities of America”

“$1.7 Billion Profit”

“… gets rich off of punishment.”

“Jenkins Correctional Center,
the 1st Private Prison Industry in the United States.”

“Started as a small company in Tennessee in 1983.”

“Slavery, Jim Crow, Criminalization, Links in a Chain of Racial Inequality,
Forged by Political and Economic Motives.”
Directed by Ava DuVernay, Netflix Original, 2016
Official Trailer

The Toxic & Oppressive Impact of The Implementation of a Famous Behavior Modification Strategy That Stem From Scientific Research in Psychology & Human Behavior Known as Experiments in Stimulus Discrimination; 
(Classical/Respondent & Operant Conditioning),
Specifically Used to Conduct Discrimination Training.

Conditioned Response
By Way of a Learned Negative Association
Intentionally Elicited, (or brought-out),
By Other Humans

“The Nixon campaign in 1968 and
the Nixon White House after that had two enemies.
The anti-war left and black people. 
You understand what I’m saying?
We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be 
either against the war or black …
but by getting the public to associate 
the hippies with marijuana
and blacks with heroin 
and then criminalizing both heavily,
we could disrupt those communities…
we can arrest their leaders, 
raid their homes, break-up their meetings,
and vilify them night after night 
on the evening news.
Did we know we were lying about the drugs?
Of course we did.” 

 John Ehrlichman, (Nixon Advisor)

Year             U.S. Prison Population
1970                           357,292                                 

1980                           513,900                                 

1985                           759,100                                 

1990                        1,179,200                                 

2000                        2,015,300                                  

2014                        2,306,200                                 

“Slavery, Jim Crow, Criminalization, Links in a Chain of Racial Inequality,
Forged by Political and Economic Motives.”
Directed by Ava DuVernay, Netflix Original, 2016
Official Trailer

“Where Do We Go From Here?”

        We go back to where it all started – inside. We travel deep inside to closely examine why; to be clear and learn of the things the self had missed and have done to allow all of this to become. We love, forgive, and go on – but to emancipate for our mistakes – pass these valuable lessons on; about the areas we have grown to see are in much dire need of our Natural healing seeds. We ceaselessly educate our young to educate their young, so forth and so on, as we all become healers of such harm to the human race and reach a state where we know nothing less. We go to a place where we all Naturally embrace the notion that harm to one is harm to all. To a place where the norm for all humans is to distinguish their inner power and influence, consistent with Nature’s greater goodness, and from this higher-Self we change our world.

        You opened-up many eyes to a loophole exploited and why. Something many humans must have seen before but were too afraid to scream. Humans with media/publishing power and influence consistent with Nature’s greater goodness – inundate light to these unspoken corners of life. Provide the stage to give a face to such plight and those that stand on the sides. Give a loud public voice to the truth-tellers for justice before they leave us. Help make this the norm instead of this silent storm. 

        We have to create a demand for change to counteract the propaganda that, “we are all ridding on a gravy train”. Repeated exposure of the damage this silence has caused us should be rigorously used as a learning tool to heighten awareness with an empowering finish of how all humans can do their part to help diminish harm by refining perceptions of “need” from “greed” and the monumental worth it would mean to humanity – to sacrifice all else which feeds such monstrous misdeeds. This is a critical tool to heighten awareness about the importance of becoming more selective about who we support with the power of our ratings, the power of our service, and the power of our purchase.

        We are the pillars to this gigantic pedestal. We do the work, we purchase the products, and we frequent the networks. Toxic corporate supplies will diminish if we all seriously demand for it to finish. If we demand change, our individual behaviors must become the force to support such change. If we create a greater demand for products made without the exploitation of another healing for humanity will inevitably follow.

        We must also call on our healer sisters and brothers to distinguish their inner power & influence, that which is consistent with the goodness of Nature, and from this higher-Self extend their moral & ethical principles and honor their social contract, their oath & duty to be truthful, abide by the precept to – do no harm, protect the public, and promote human health for all.

Why are the lavishly paid “leaders” - from our Legal Departments &
the American Psychological Association (A.P.A.),
 Developmental Psychology, Educational & School Psychology,
Cognitive/Clinical & Counseling Psychology, Behavioral Psychology,
Social Psychology, and Industrial & Organizational Psychology,
and other health professionals

not loudly & publicly denouncing & dissenting
the inhumane conditions which humans, (children, students, educators, families),
are repeatedly subjected to within such critical systems to human health & public good
against the harmful manner in which behavior control models
are maliciously & covertly implemented.

Why are they not incessantly & loudly calling out for
the much needed reform & accountability
in the manner in which schools & many of these human health
& safety public agencies are managed?

Why are they not joining forces to help solve many of these societal problems
which continue to plague the welfare of humanity &
the ultimate survival of the human race?

Why are they not joining forces to
be truthful, “do no harm”, promote human health, &
 protect the public & the ultimate survival of the human race?

Through commercial ads,
embedded into screenplays & curriculums,
public-access media, exposure to texts,
there is a myriad of ways to educate
& ceaselessly remind all humans that
before they were hired
by any company or organization,

 every human’s first job in life,
in this world that we all share,
was simply to survive,

by following Natural rules.

The farther away we go
from this Natural reality we all come from,

the greater harm we cause
to all of humanity
the closer we become to extinction.

Thank you, Much Peace & Love to All.

May Your Lives Flourish With Abundant Reflection & Goodness.

Awareness Is Power So Please Continue To Follow

Luis Ángel Pérez
Degrees in Psychology & Education
Mental Health & Social Service Counselor 
Public School Science & Mathematics
Middle School- Seventh & Eighth Grades
Elementary School- First & Fourth Grades
Educator & Advocate